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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Temporary & Permanent hair color review :)

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ok so i tried some temporary hair color today, i found this at the dollar tree, and thought i give you guys and interview on this!!

<<<< this is the color i used.

Pros: awesome color! easy application.
Cons: after color was dry, I found it to look a little chunky. I took my brush/comb and tried to brush it out,
but I realized that the color had tangled my hair.

so overall, yes I like the color, no I would not buy it again.

click read more to see the permanent hair color review! :)

Fushia Flash

This is a brand of  hair color specifically for people with dark hair! <3 it!

Pros:  Beautifullll color!!!!! for no bleach, lasts quite long. great instructions booklet. lightens hair.
Cons: costs a little bit more than splat hair color/other brands. not too many colors in this brand.

would I buy this again? one word: YES!!!
Now if you are going to use this on LIGHT HAIR, then just realize results with this color will turn light pink. Their red, will probably turn pink. So use with caution and experiment!!!

:) :) :)


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